Angel Child

Angel Child

Councilman in Madrid delegate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area

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Ángel Niño is a Technical Engineer in Computer Management and holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Master in Business Intelligence and Big Bata by MBIT School.
He began his professional career as an IT and business strategy consultant. In 2010 he made the leap to the entrepreneurship ecosystem as director of different companies.
His multidisciplinary specialization in new technologies has led him to teach training in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Since 2019 he is Councillor Delegate of the Area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the City of Madrid.
He regularly collaborates in television and radio programs such as El Barómetro, Radio Inter, Horizonte or Cuarto Milenio, and writes articles in digital media on economic and national topics.

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