Dr. Nisheta Sachdev

Dr. Nisheta Sachdev

Managing Director at Luna PR

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Nisheta Sachdev is an Indian-American marketing and PR specialist. She has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017 and has helped launch Luna Media Corp and build Luna PR, an award-winning PR and marketing agency based in Dubai that has worked with over 600 tech companies. Playing an active role, Nish has been instrumental in managing and growing Luna Media Corporation to include four companies with a team of over 120.
With her medical background, Nisheta is passionate and heavily involved in the med-tech and blockchain industries, including cryptocurrency, NFTs, the metaverse, and AI. She aims to increase mass adoption through awareness and education. She also speaks at various universities to educate medical professionals on the potential of blockchain in their industry.
Nish has worked with the largest companies within the blockchain space, including TON Labs, Huobi Exchange, WEMIX, World Mobile, XinFin, Kadena, CertiK, and several more.

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