Eli Defferary

Eli Defferary

Forbes Top 100 Best Influencers Award 2021 & 2022. Financial consultant, writer

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Influencer, financial consultant, writer, the best tips so that the bank does not cheat you.
Content: Banking and finance.
She has combined her work for a banking institution with her studies and social networks. In a short time she has become a financial influencer: she has more than half a million followers on her TikTok account and more than 200,000 on Instagram, where she gives advice to help make claims or avoid charging fees.She has just published her first book, "With banking we all have to deal", in which she has set out to spread everything she knows so that you don't get fooled. He has received the Forbes Top 100 best influencers of 2021 award in the disclosure category and the Forbes Top 75 best influencers of 2022 award in the Business category.

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